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Legal Services We Provide

Consulting for Your Legal Medical Cases

Moreau Legal Nurse Consultants offers assistance to attorney-clients on the medical aspects related to accidents and personal injury, abuse or neglect claims, falls, mass tort, wrongful death, and criminal cases. With over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge necessary to provide the guidance necessary for these difficult cases.

Legal Medical Consultation Services We Offer:
  • Screening cases for merit
  • Defining applicable standards of care and analyze deviations
  • Assessing alleged damages / injuries
  • Identifying factors that caused / contributed to alleged damages / injuries
  • Coordinating and attending independent medical examinations
  • Organizing and interpreting medical records
  • Identifying and recommending potential defendants
  • Interviewing clients, witnesses and experts
  • Conducting research and analyzing validity and reliability
  • Consulting with healthcare providers
  • Identifying, locating and interfacing with testifying experts
  • Serving as a liaison between attorney and healthcare providers, experts, and other consultants
  • Preparing interrogatories, deposition and trial (cross or direct) questions
  • Assisting in exhibit preparations.
  • Attending depositions, trials, review panels, arbitration and mediation hearings
  • Developing written reports for use as study tools for attorneys

Proud Members of NCLNC and LPC.

In healthcare related litigation, mastery of both the medical and nursing aspect is critical to achieving a successful outcome for your client. Moreau Legal Nurse Consultants can put that type of mastery to work for your legal practice. Our professional services that will enable you to develop your cases quickly and cost effectively . Call us: 225-936-4260!


(225) 936-4260

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